Single Sessions and Workshops

Experience moving effortlessly through life’s drama.

The most personalized and powerful transformation program available!

Any Possible Physical, Psychological and Spiritual deficiencies are looked at and we co-create a plan to address them head on!

We will look at your health history, your spiritual history and your traumatic history to come up with a plan of action for transformation.

You can expect that the entire process will take you, approximately, 6 hours.

For your body: We will work together and build a personalized menu that works for you and that addresses any possible nutrient deficiencies.

For your mind: We will work together to create a mental practice that works for you and helps you overcome personal limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging your efforts in the past.

For your spirit: We will co-created a spiritual practice that works for you and helps you release trapped emotions so that you can flow more effortlessly through life.

When we are finished you will have the most comprehensive and personalized program for your transformation available.

One-on-One Guided Transformational Trauma Meditation

This is a 90 minute personalized guided meditation. This is a very powerful forgiveness meditation that has been used all over the world, in many different spiritual, and psychological practices for centuries.

It is designed to transform the way you perceive and experience life and ultimately free you from what keeps you stuck.

You will get one-on-one attention, and go deep into what is holding you stuck, and you will create new beliefs that are empowering.

Together we will be transforming your trauma into empowering information that you can embody.

Let’s get you on the right path for you.

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