About Me

Meet Jessica Ray

Hi, I am the creator of Freetolovefood.com and I am a practicing nutrition coach.

I started this website because I wanted to help others fall back in love with food.

Our relationship to ourselves is reflected in how we treat the planet and how we choose to consume food.

Food is something that we can not survive without. Mother earth gives us abundance in the form of delicious food.

The way we treat mother earth is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

Obviously, we as a species are struggling on a large scale right now with how we treat ourselves and how we view ourselves today on earth.

I hope through sharing stories of my life that others will feel less lonely and more optimistic on their healing path.

I feel all I can do is share my truth the way I see it, and work on myself in the presence of you.

My passions are self awareness, experience and unconditional love.

I value connection to others, kindness and non judgment.

My goal is to serve others.

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