About Me

Meet Jessica Ray

Hi, I am the creator of Freetolovefood.com and I am a practicing nutrition coach.

I love talking about disordered eating awareness and all the social, psychological, environmental and spiritual aspects of recovery from an eating disorder.

I hope through sharing stories of my recovery from bulimia and all the insecurities that come with an eating disorder that others will feel less lonely and more optimistic on their healing path.

I talk honestly and shamelessly about my past and my struggles with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and destructive behaviors.

For the last 6 years I have studied the science of transformation. That is, how to transform an addicted body into a thriving balanced body, how to transform self-hate into self-love, shame into acceptance, anger into forgiveness, and so on.

My methods are becoming more and more mainstream. I practice things like mindfulness, biofeedback, nutritional therapies, forgiveness, yoga, dancing, sexual healing, journaling, art, gardening, hiking, forest bathing and so much more.

As a core belief, I do not recommend anything to you or my clients that I have not tried before.

I started this practice and this website because I was called to help others transform their disordered eating into self-love so that they can start living the life that they have always fantasized about, and stop fantasizing about their next binge.

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